Understanding Google

Google is a very successful company. It started out by developing an Internet search engine, which has all but wiped out the alternative search engines. It has since diversified into maps, 'cloud computing', computer operating systems, mobile phones etc. A good potted history can be found here.

For your Places Page to be successful, it needs to be developed with an understanding of how the Google search engine works. At EVC, we have this understanding and can apply it on your behalf.

Although the Google organisation employs many people, the way in which its search engine works is highly automated. Google uses computers to:

  • trawl the Internet to find information about your organisation
  • find Google Maps photos that it believes show where your business is based
  • construct your Place Page
  • decide how relevant your business is to potential customers and hence to decide on where to position it in the table of results. This position is of vital importance to you because few potential customers will look beyond the 'top ten'.

Clever as the Google computers are, it can get things wrong - no surprises there!. Your Page may initially show up with wrong or misleading information and photos. Worse still, it may conclude that your business is not very relevant to people searching for exactly your type of business and put it low down the table of results. Even if by chance your business does 'accidentally' show up at the top of the list, you'll always be vulnerable to other more effective Pages moving up above yours in the results.

To make matters worse, Google is contantly changing the way in which its systems operate. This can mean that a Page that worked well today may not work too well tomorrow. At EVC we maintain a close watch on these changes and can make adjustments to your Places Page so that it remains visible and effective.

Google is introducing new techniques such as 'Google Tags' and QR codes that can make your Places Page more effective. EVC, can advise you on and implement these techniques for you.

Remember the key reason for your Place Page is to get new customers for your business. EVC can make this happen for you.




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