Reviews and Citations

For your Google Places Page to be successful - as a means of attracting new customers - you need to have good reviews and citations.

Reviews are posted by your customers either directly on your Place Page or on other review sites. (Google copies these reviews and pastes them on to your Page.) What you want is to have a number of positive reviews showing up with the minimum of negative reviews. Google likes to see Pages with positive reviews and will push such Pages up the list of results. We can ensure that positive reviews show up on your Page.

Don't even think about getting fake reviews to appear on your page or offering inducements for people to submit positive reviews. Google has very strict rules on this and will remove businesses that it suspects of doing this. Effectively there is no appeal against this. Nevertheless, there are legitimate (in Google's eyes) ways that you can use to get positive reviews to be submitted; EVC can manage an affective review process for you.

Even the best business may get the occasional negative review and most potential customers will understand this. Having many positive reviews counteracts a small number of negative reviews and makes them appear less prominently (or completely disappear). It is possible to respond to individual negative reviews and effectively reduce their impact.

Citations are mentions of your organisation on other websites that Google considers relevant to your type of business. Google scans these websites and counts these mentions; the higher the count, the more importance that Google will attach to your organisation. This all helps to get you higher up the list of Google's results and hence more attention from prospective customers. For most types of business there are a large number of relevant websites for citations. EVC has an automated process for getting you citations on these websites.


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