Introduction to the NATS New En Route Centre


The New En Route Air Traffic Control Centre was the National Air Traffic Services' (NATS) most ambitious project ever.The 200 million-plus centre provides an en route air traffic control service to aircraft flying in controlled and special rules airspace in the London Flight Information Region, which covers England and Wales up to latitude 55 degrees north.

The new centre also provides, through military controllers, services to operational air traffic in the airspace over southeast and central England where the interaction with general air traffic is at its most complex.

The objectives of the New En Route Centre are to:

  • provide a 40 percent increase in UK en route airspace capacity at its introduction

  • be the basis for development for the 21st century

  • modernise the current London en route air traffic control system

  • maintain and, where posssible, enhance the existing levels of safety.

The new centre interfaces with the new Scottish, Manchester and Oceanic Air Traffic Control Centre at Prestwick.

The New En Route Centre houses some 800 staff, including air traffic controllers, air traffic engineers, support and clerical staff.



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