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All of us who are responsible for any of today's major projects are judged against many possible parameters. How well does it perform against its functional and performance requirements? What is the quality of the system? How safe is it?

But one factor that we are all judged upon is cost. Eagle Vector has developed a methodology, based on proven techniques, that enables all major project decisions to be made in the light of full knowledge concerning impacts on costs. It supports the cost analysis of project options from project requirements and vendor selection options through to in-service upgrade options.

Eagle Vector will be pleased to work with you in order to help you to understand and minimise project costs

Full Life Cycle costing support

Eagle Vector can assist clients in undertaking:

  • Business Case preparation
  • Budget and Cost Plan development
  • Tender production
  • Contractor negotiations
  • Cost Benefit and Risk analyses
  • Software and hardware cost estimation
  • In-house resources costing
  • Analysis of the cost impacts of new technology
  • Software and hardware development monitoring
  • 'Quality through cost control' procedures

Cost Estimating Systems and Training

Eagle Vector has available a wide range of methods and tools that can be tailored to meet the needs of particular clients; they cover:

  • Project Cost Model development
  • Supply and installation of off-the-shelf costing tools
  • Development of client specific tools
  • Project standards and guidelines
  • Software development metrics
  • System requirements management

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