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Eagle Vector was established to provide project support services to major projects with a particular focus on Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and Software Engineering skills.

Eagle Vector is made up of a nucleus of permanent staff who, together with associate consultants, are available on a contract basis to form teams supplied to clients in support of their projects. This approach enables Eagle Vector to provide very effective and flexible solutions to clients whilst minimising costs. The company can also supply individual consultants to clients. Where possible, Eagle Vector is pleased to take the complete responsibility for undertaking project tasks on behalf of clients.

A major contract gave Eagle Vector the responsibility for all LCC activities in support of the NATS New En Route Centre (NERC) project. The company subsequently took over the responsibility for the complete ILS programme for NERC project. Eagle Vector was responsible for using the results of the NERC ILS programme in order to set up the on-site and off-site hardware and software support facilities for NERC. The ILS and LCC approaches developed for NERC are now being applied to all NATS projects.

Relevant Experience

Recent and ongoing projects include:

New En Route Centre ILS Management

Eagle Vector had the responsibility for the management of the ILS programme for NATS' New En-Route Centre (NERC) project. NERC, NATS' largest ever project, is responsible for controlling all flights over England and Wales. The ILS programme for NERC was recognised as being one of the most successful applications of a formal ILS process to a major UK project; the customer achieved the benefits of a formal ILS programme at minimum cost.

New En Route Centre Life Cycle Costing

Eagle Vector was responsible for all aspects of Life Cycle Costing for the NERC project. This covered detailed modeling of hardware and software development and support costs using tools such as EDCAS and PRICE. In addition, project specific models were developed to cover the complete range of all costs at the overall system level.

Eagle Vector staff directly supported the NATS contracts and purchasing group in their negotiations with sub contractors in order to ensure that contracts placed represented the best possible value for money. Well-documented examples exist of substantial savings, running into many millions of pounds, which have resulted from Eagle Vector's involvement.

New En Route Centre Project Management Support

Eagle Vector was contracted to provide a range of additional support services for the NERC project. These covered:

  • Configuration Management
  • Quality Management
  • Financial Management.

Eagle Vector staff played a key role in respect of these important functions for the NERC project.

New Scottish Centre

The Oceanic function, providing control for aircraft over the North Atlantic, was studied by Eagle Vector for NATS. The objective was to estimate likely hardware and software costs for the replacement system that now forms part of the NATS New Scottish Centre.

Establishment of NATS generic Lifecycle Costing process

Following the development of a comprehensive system, hardware and software life cycle costing process for the NERC project, Eagle Vector was contracted to develop a generic LCC process for application to all NATS' major projects. As part of this project, Eagle Vector developed an LCC manual and associated training course which has been presented to a large number of NATS staff at all levels.

National Airspace System Enhancement Project support

The National Airspace System (NAS), which provides a high-performance database covering all flight plans for aircraft using UK airspace, was enhanced by NATS. Eagle Vector supplied project support services concerned with effort estimation in respect of a range of planned upgrades.

Internet-based Independent Consultants database

For Jobs Direct Ltd, Eagle Vector specified and developed an automated communications and database system for handling the details of independent consultants. Using Internet EMail, consultants can supply their CVs and other details directly to the system. The Web--based facilities are used to present details of available consultants to prospective clients.

Establishment of the NATS software development metrics programme

NATS is responsible for supporting the software of a wide range of in-service systems. Eagle Vector was contracted to assist in setting up a development metrics programme for application to all its support projects. This programme was based around the use of PRICE tools for effort and cost estimation. .


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