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To manage software projects in today's tough financial climate it is essential to forecast costs correctly. By understanding software costs and what drives them you can consider all the options and make critical decisions with confidence. Above all, the ability to estimate costs effectively allows you to plan projects better and gives you that vital competitive edge - both as a customer for or developer of important software systems.

Eagle Vector has developed a methodology, based on the use of the PRICE True Planning tool, that enables all major project software decisions to be made in the light of full knowledge concerning impacts on costs. It facilitates the cost analysis of software project options from requirements and vendor selection options through to in-service upgrade options.

Full Software Lifecycle costing support

Eagle Vector can assist clients in undertaking:

  • Software development and support modelling through all lifecycle phases - including the initial concept phase
  • Budget and Cost Plan development
  • Contractor negotiations
  • Cost Benefit and Risk analyses
  • In-house staff resources analysis and costing
  • Analysis of the cost impacts of new languages, methods and technology
  • Software development monitoring
  • Software Quality Assurance

Cost Estimating Systems

Eagle Vector has available a wide range of methods, techniques and add-on tools that can be used with PRICE True Planning in order to provide a complete lifecycle costing process tailored to the needs of particular clients. We can provide:

  • A library of PRICE True Planning Software Cost Models
  • The development of client specific add-on tools
  • Project standards and guidelines
  • Software development and support metrics
  • Function Point Analysis
  • Software requirements management

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