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Customers for today's major systems are increasingly demanding that a formal ILS process is used to achieve the goals of ensuring that support considerations influence the system design, identifying and developing support requirements consistent with the objectives of the system, acquiring the necessary support, and providing that support at minimum cost.

The cost-effective application of an ILS process represents a major challenge for system developers. Eagle Vector has been particularly successful in developing approaches to the application of ILS that maximise the benefits achieved whilst minimising the costs of the process.

Eagle Vector will be pleased to work with you in order to help you to optimise and maximise the cost-effectiveness of your ILS process.

Full ILS support

Eagle Vector can assist clients in undertaking:

  • Integrated Logistics Support in accordance with DEF-STAN 00-60
  • Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) MIL-STD-1388
  • Tender production
  • Contractor negotiations
  • Software Logistics Support
  • Lifecycle Costing for systems, hardware and software
  • Availability, Maintainability and Reliability (ARM)
  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) MIL-STD-1390
  • Preparation of Technical Documentation

ILS Consultancy, Tools and Training

Eagle Vector has available a wide range of methods and tools that can be matched to the needs of particular clients; they cover :

  • Tailored ILS process development
  • Supply and installation of off-the-shelf costing tools
  • Development of client specific tools
  • Project standards and guidelines
  • Software development metrics
  • System requirements management
  • In addition to providing consultancy services, Eagle Vector can supply training specific to your particular needs.


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